Rules for the forum!

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Rules for the forum!

Post by Ben on Fri Apr 04, 2008 6:41 pm

Guide to Rules

1.No Advertisement.
Donít make topics/threads about your website/forum etc. You can advertise in your signature or contact me and we can come to an arrangment on advertising your site

2.No Adult Material.
Remember is for kids, from 7 - 14. Please do NOT post any media with adult content. This means anything along the lines of Drugs and rude talk. Or other adult chat. You will definitely be given a infraction for disobeying this rule.

3.No Spamming.
These are Short and annoying in other words SPAM. Spam is not always pleasant to read. Dont do it.

4.No Swearing.
Do not swear. Although there are censors. Do not swear.

6.No PM Fighting.
Do not fight in PM's. If you fight in PM's, your advantage of PM-ing may be removed. Although it will be for a short time.

7. Do not advertise in PM's.
This is the same as fighting in P.M's the same will happen

8. Do not create a Self-Topic.
Do not create a Topic which tells people to visit your blog or site. Again, we have an advertising topic.

9. No Double Posting.
Do not double post. You have enough room to write alot, Plus you have an Edit button.

10. No Back-Seat Modding.
Don't back seat mod. This means you should not act as a Mod. e.g that post was spamming!

11. No Bullying.
Bullying is even worse on the internet then in real life.

12. No using bold text in writing.
Bold text is reserved for moderators or admins if bold text is used it will be removed ( You might not get an Warning for this)

If you break ANY of these rules. You risk getting banned for ever. Rolling Eyes

Ben And John's Animating Forum works on warning cards."

1st Offence = 1 Bar.
2nd Offence = 2 Bars.
3rd Offence (Red Card) = Ban
Bans will be for as long as the admin wants. Which is normally 1 week.
Members can also be Suspended for a few days. Suspention can take place on any ammount of infractions.

You can view your own meter on your profile page.
You can view your profile as another by clicking 'Members' and click your name.
Very Happy

Also moderators can warn you for any reason as long as it is relevent for a warning if you get a warning you will be contacted by P.M by an admin.



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